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I’mma do a mad throwback since it’s Thursday!

I scored 2 x free return tickets from Jetstar | #JetstarHappiness to fly to any destination they operated to before I found out I was pregnant last year. Our plan was to travel to Tokyo in March as Francis’ birthday treat, eat our way to the other parts of Japan and more importantly to witness the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Sadly, that plan had to be canned because baby decided to arrive in March!

We did think of still going to Japan for my babymoon, but I couldn’t imagine myself waddling across the Shibuya Crossing and to top it off I was already getting tired pretty quickly at this point albeit being only 5 months pregnant. Oh, and the bigger issue – I wouldn’t be able to eat all the sushi and sashimi that I have always dreamed of having over there.

So.. We decided on… Hawaii.

It was the perfect destination getaway (for a whale) although we were there the previous year for a wedding. We stayed at the Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Waikiki Beach where we had direct access to the beach but spent most of our time poolside because it was pretty impossible for me to get into a comfortable position. I totally get what beached whales feel like the poor things.

We didn’t realise until we got there that we were flying out on Black Friday. We thought we were going to be losing out but there were tons of sales leading up to it so it still did some decent damage to our bank account. Most of the stuff we got was for baby anyway (which she would grow out of within the next minute – not even exaggerating) so it was all good! It was a good thing we hadn’t started shopping before then for her because we managed to get everything on crazy discounts. My massive suitcase was filled with her stuff as I came with barely nothing thinking I would be shopping for myself. Boy was I wrong. Ala Moana Shopping Centre never disappoints – even if I had to miss out on shopping for myself!

Cafe Iyasume is a must when you’re in Waikiki. We practically had to have Spam Musubi every single day! It would be a sin not to have it when you’re there.

Okay. That is all. Wishing we were back in Hawaii right now!

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Planewonder in Hawaii.JPG

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So. It’s been way too long but I think I have a pretty darn good excuse.

After my last blog post, I discovered I was pregnant. Yup, I came home with ‘Bali belly’ and was super surprised to find out at about 6-8 weeks after our trip.

What was my pregnancy journey like?

I loved every single minute of being pregnant.

Ok. I lie.

Maybe not every single minute.

I really missed drinking and being able to jump around like a hyper maniac – I actually still could have but the size of my belly told me take a chill pill in case I accidentally hurt myself and baby – my belly was kinda big.

giphy (1).gif

Oh and the only time I felt sick was during the first trimester – being in the shower made me dry retch the most and also inhaling clean, fresh air made me want to vom each time I stepped out of the office for lunch.

Apart from that, everything was fine and dandy.

Ah and my cravings. I had a tube of Vegemite and a cylinder of plain crackers in my office drawer that I would scoff each morning much to my colleagues disgust – they didn’t know I was preggers until I announced it on the 3 month mark.

And then came the cravings for nasi lemak and roti canai at least once a week for the rest of my pregnancy.

Oh wait. I forgot about my lower back and pain in my wrists. But hey, I guess it’s true what they say, once the baby comes you forget about all the pain you went through.


And yep, I got the normal questions and my fortune told without asking like,

“Are you expecting twins?”

“No, are you sure? You’re massive”

“There must be two in there. Or three”

None of these bothered me much.. Although, the most cringeworthy time was when a drunk 60 year old woman sat next to me poolside (during our babymoon in Hawaii) and kept shouting that I mount my husband right after our baby comes out so we can get it over and done with; by having a second one right away. Bless her drunken soul. Thank God it started raining so I could make an exit!

I sorta miss being pregnant.

giphy (2).gif

Yeah no. I take that back 😉


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