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I played tour guide to my crew who were visiting Bali for the first time during the June long weekend. We flew Jetstar and everything went smoothly. No delays, no long queues at the check-in counters and I had more than enough time to make a claim at TRS – just the way I like to travel.

Our entire flight went smoothly and before we knew it, we had landed at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar. Our driver greeted us with a massive smile as we strolled out of the airport. AND boy were we were lucky to have been able to spot him standing amongst a sea of other eager chauffeurs awaiting their guests.

We set base in an amazing villa we found listed on Airbnb right smack in the heart of the happenings in Seminyak.

It had very modern, minimalist interior paired up with beautiful pieces of Scandinavian furniture. Our hearts sank the minute we walked in cuz we knew we would have to leave it in a couple of sleeps.

I’ll share the ambitious itinerary that I created (Pay attention to the notes in brackets!) below:

[Thu] 9th June, SEMINYAK

[Supper] 23:00 Picked up takeaway from Burger King
[Bar] 00:00 Motel Mexicola (We ended up just staying at the villa in the pool!)
[Club] 01:00 Mirrors (We ended up just staying in the villa!)
[After Party Feed] 04:00 – 09:00 Hidden Babi Guling in Buduk/Tabanan (No chance)

Planewonder-Bali  (7)

Planewonder-Bali (4)


[Brunch] 10:00 Revolver
[Activity] 11:00 Shopping
[Lunch] 14:15 Merah Putih (Food was on point – Be sure to make a booking!)
[Bar] 16:30 Ayana Rock Bar (Closed due to maintenance but we hung at Sunset Bar)
[Dinner] 20:30 Menega (Be sure to make a booking and mention a table on the beach)
[Bar] 23:00 Woobar (We ended up at Saigon StreetShanghai Baby and Jenja instead) 
[SAT] 11th June, SEMINYAK

[Activity] 7:00 Yoga at The W (Never happened, we were too hungover)
[Break] 08:30 Breakfast Buffet at The W (Still in bed at this point) 
[Activity] 10:30 Poolside at The W (Chilled by the pool at our villa)
[Lunch] 12:30 Mamasan (Yep, no we ate at Warung Kolega)
[Activity] 14:00 Jari Menari (Nah, back by the pool at our villa)
[Drinks] 16:30 Potato Head Bali (For drinks) 
[Dinner] 19:15 Potato Head Bali (FYI they changed the Asian menu to Western)
[SUN] 12th June, UBUD

[Breakfast] 07:00 Our villa butler whipped a nice Indonesian breakfast up for us
[Activity] 10:00 Barong & Keris Dance 
[Activity] 11:30 Tegenungan Waterfall
[Lunch] 13:30 Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 
[Activity] 14:00 Tried some Luwak Coffee at Kebune Bali
[Activity] 16:00 Tegalalang Rice Terrace
[Dinner] 19:30 The Holy Crab (Didn’t have plans so this was random)

Planewonder-Bali (6)
Planewonder-Bali  (1)

Planewonder-Bali (5)

Planewonder-Bali (3)

[MON] 13th June, SEMINYAK

[Activity] 7:00 Massage in the villa (hungover)
[Brunch] 10:30 Warung Kolega
[Activity] 12:00 Chilling poolside at the villa
[Early Dinner] 19:00 Biku
[Airport] 21:00 Back to Sydney

Planewonder-Bali  (2)
Let me know if I should add anything else for my next trip to Bali! Travel tip: Aussies, if you’re with Vodafone, you can use your mobile the same way you would do for just $5 per day. This includes phone calls, texts and data. Add me on Instagram @LaLa_Lee for more photos.

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