The Philippines had always been somewhere I knew that I would visit someday.

That someday came when my fiancé and I decided that we would make it our wedding destination.

The story as to why we came up with this decision is simple. His background is Filipino; although born, bred and has lived in Australia all his life. My mother on the other hand, comes from pure Filipino heritage but was born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia. Like me, visiting the Philippines was a someday-kinda-scenario for her too. What better opportunity to visit than to attend her daughter’s wedding?

My fiancé and I traveled to our wedding destination over the weekend. We both reside in Sydney but the only reason we booked this trip was because of the air fares we found on sale with Cebu Pacific. It was just too good to pass.

There are no direct flights to B Island, so we had to spend a night in Manila. We took the first flight out the next day aboard a small Philippine Airline propeller plane to its nearest airport.

Unfortunately, its nearest airport was not located on the island itself. So upon arrival, we rode on a Filipino tricyle to the jetty port that transferred us via a 10-20 minute boat ride to the island.

We got off on the island only to find ourselves hopping on to another tricyle that brought us on a 15-minute ride to our hotel. All I can say is that when you get to the beachfront, all-the-traveling-just-to-get-there instantly exits your mind and you are in awe of the white sands, clear blue sea and skies.

View From Our Room

Enjoy a glimpse of what we woke up to every morning. More to come shortly.

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