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So I took a short hiatus from blogging. Am behind on updating about how I went at Tough Mudder – but I assure you that I’ll give ya’ll a 411 about it in the next post.

Reason to why there hasn’t been any updates – I flew out of Sydney after Tough Mudder to hang on the Gold Coast, Queensland for a coupla days. It was due time that I visited Mum & Dad (whom I lived with for 3 years on the Coast while I was studying) before *drum roll* I started WORK this week.
Yes, that’s right. PLANEWONDER is employed *everybody 1-2 step*!

I’ll update ya’ll bout Tough Mudder and the Goldie soon…. Cuz I gotta call it a night for now (Am already drifting in and out of asleep).

But before I bid adieu, I’ll leave you with something I stumbled upon today.

First thing I noticed about this video was the naked chick in sneakers (Which enticed me to play the video). And after hitting PLAY, I was captivated and prompted to finish the video because of the awesome audio that was playing.

The song is called ‘Royals’ and is sung by Ella Yelich-O’Conner – better known as ‘Lorde’ a 16-year-old Kiwi high school student!! I shit you not. Who would have thought that those vocals…Come from a baby! Definitely my TGIF jam for tomorrow!

Like the video? The music? Wanna purchase the kicks in the video? I was surprised that they actually stock them right here in Sydney! I know where I’ll be hitting the weekend up at:

Shop 2/256 Crown St Darlinghurst Sydney, NSW, Australia 2010
Tel: 02 9356 4404

Check it out, check it out.

I can’t wait to snag a pair of these sweet Gourmet Footwear sneaks.


Yay or Nay? You tell me.

I’m out.

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Ever heard of TOUGH MUDDER ?



SO. Tough Mudder is an approx 16 to 20 kilometre run filled with army like obstacles and not to mention MUD. Plenty of it.
It’s gon be taking place the entire weekend at:

Fernhill Estate
1041-1117 Mulgoa Road
Mulgoa, NSW 2745

I’ve been waiting for the autumn leg of this event (seeing that I wasn’t in the country for the last one) and its the first ever ‘run’ that I’ve signed up for.

I haven’t trained at all but I do have all the confidence in myself to be able to ‘wing’ it. (Cue: Laugh)
I hope I don’t prove myself wrong.

So anyway. Tickets to spectate are $AUD40 at the door. You could’ve purchased them for $AUD20 before 12 pm on the Friday before the weekend though.

If this event has tickled your fancy, you can train from now till Spring comes round (12th & 13th October – Sydney) and register closer to the date if you wish!

Click to WATCH what I will be going through!

Enjoy the video and wish me the best of luck!

Can I get a HOORAH?!

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