The first landing of PLANEWONDER

I’d like to extend a big shout out to readers & bloggers alike. Welcome to PLANEWONDER. I’m new to the scene, so feel free to ask me questions and don’t be shy to shout out any ideas or stuff that you would like me to blog about.

A rough idea about who’s material that you are/will be reading:
25-year-old Malaysian female currently unemployed and residing in Sydney, Australia.

Mum is Filo and my Dad is Eurasian – So people don’t tend to guess where I’m from or what I am when we’re first introduced.
The first thing, however, that people usually comment on about me when they first meet me is:
“Wow, you’ve got a very strong handshake (for someone your size)”.

I’m 5’3″.

I went to public schools all my years of studying in Kuala Lumpur, until I finished high school and then went on to further my education at HELP University College before flying away to the Gold Coast, Australia where I spent 3 years of my life completing a Bachelor and Postgraduate Degree – both in separate fields. Fast forward. Here I am in Sydney today – UNEMPLOYED.

It will unveil itself to you – SO. JUST. KEEP. READING.

Why should you (keep reading)?
Because I will entertain you, inform you, cheer you up, get you down, motivate you, make you angry …. and the list goes on.

Et voilà! That’s the end of my first (introductory) post.
*Shakes your hand*


2 thoughts on “The first landing of PLANEWONDER

  1. Brandon Lee says:

    Love your website name. looks great .. Great job sis!

  2. PLANEWONDER says:

    Thank you, korr! Mad love!

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